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Hello beautiful! Welcome to your Lady Savant School; a virtual entrepreneurial school/platform for fabulous lady bosses everywhere. Here you will find modules which include videos, templates + resources you’ll love and need both on a business level and a spiritual level. You will learn transformative business strategies to create immediate and tangible results so that you can build a profitable businesses you love. Get ready to connect the dots, make more money and live life on your terms!

May: Lauren Vanessa Zink-Copywriting Queen

How She Did It

April-Tech Party: Creating Your Instagram Ninja Strategy


March Module: Refining Your Brand Message


The Way Of Spirit

Destroying Negative Belief Systems

February Module: Branding Yourself


We are so super excited to bring you this month’s series, “BRANDING YOURSELF” which is all about branding ourselves from the inside out! In a world where everything has been done, sometimes all you have is YOU. There are 3 videos along with worksheets which will get your wheels turning and your brands bursting with flavor. In addition, there will be al live online tutorial on Feb. 24th on how to create professional graphics with Adobe Illustrator. What I’m even more excited about is that we got to collaborate with two fabulous Lady Savant’s; Tina Hong and Carol Newlands for two of our videos!

January Module: The Art Of Visualization


Visualization and getting clarity about your life and business is the corner stone of your success. After years of building our bizz, I realize it’s not always easy to get this, especially in the beginning phases of the entrepreneurial road trip. I remember when we first started our journey, the horizon was so blurry!! We knew and felt strongly about our purpose but there were “a million ways to skin a cat”. In retrospect, I realize how much time and failures could have been spared if only we would have taken the time to visualize and get clear. HOWEVER; I do have to say that our journey (including all the detours) were instrumental to “learning” and to where we are now!